Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball Teams

Our Current Standings

51st Canines 17.57
139th Catapults 19.10
219th Coyotes 20.16
223rd Cannons 20.27
258th Crossbows 21.01

Cambridgeshire Canines are a BFA registered club based near Ely, Cambs that have been training together since April 2007, and competing in open BFA competition since April 2008. The team was originally set up to bring flyball further east, and although none of the original handlers had any experience of training or competing in flyball, the club now has approx 30 dogs in training, with four open and one starters teams regularly competing. Our current fastest time has been recorded as 16.90s.

The spirit of the club is friendship first and foremost, usually shown by the club socials we have at any tournament, but we are also determined to do the best we can by our dogs, and are as competitive as the next team. We enjoy competing, but we enjoy being together and having fun with our dogs.

In 2008 we went from having 4 dogs running times such as 23s to now having four active teams racing from 17s down to 22s, with the majority of our teams being sub-20s. We are always looking forward to new challenges with bringing out new dogs/teams, running our own shows, attending the British and European Flyball Championships, as well as racing in many more local tournaments as flyball moves further south and east.

Our Sponsors - Natural Instinct Racing on Fast Track Flyball Boxes Supported by Synergy Chiropractic