Lightening Strikes – Maidstone 12 February 2017


Teamies together
Merlyn, Mark, Marley and Ellen

Another lovely day down south.  Thanks to Lightning Strikesteam for another great day.  It was weird having a lunch break and finishing at 4:30… hope all KC affected teams are on the mend soon!

This was the first proper outing for some of our teams this year, seeing us seeded low down in all our divisions, but who cares, great experience and all the teams starting to gel nicely.

Canines:  Millie Bailey Jack  9"
Catapults: Reeva Ruby Layla Bryn Tally  9" & 10"
Cannons: Merlyn Frank Poppy Wiz Amber Marley 8"
Crossbows: Mikey Oscar Charly Sam Winnie 10"


Div 1 saw the Canines going NFC as Lexey is in season, but gave us the chance to have Jack in the ring and he didn’t put a paw wrong all day, as well as some work for Millie and Bailey in a crazy environment.

Div 2 saw our new Catapults line-up, minus Copper who is being assessed prior to returning to training, bottom seed of the division…. and our only team to bring home a rosette today, with a great time of 19.34 and a 3rd place. This team definitely has a lot more to give and I’m looking forward to seeing them over the coming months.

Merlyn n Mark
Merlyn and Mark, cheering the team on!

Div 3 saw the Cannons racing, with just one simple aim, get Merlyn his last 100 points, so racing clean was the aim of the game!  Well, they managed that in the first race, lol, so the rest of the day was spent gelling this team and re-introducing Frank to the lanes.

Div 4 was for the Crossbows, again a new line-up for this year, particularly with Paul taking over racing Oscar, for which he did a sterling job! Charly is still regaining confidence from an early change resulting in a slight jump crash at the champs last August but Becca and Sam have worked wonders with him over many weeks, which culminated in putting an early in today, which Charly didn’t react to at all.

Think we may be about to hit issues with Cannons and Crossbows racing head to head with Cannons posting a 21.11 and Crossbows a 21.34 today…. so long as they are in different divisions at our next tournament…..!

Canines: 17.57 Division 1/Seed 3 5th (FT 16.84) (NFC)
Catapults: 19.10 Division2/Seed 5 3rd (FT 19.34)
Cannons: 20.27 Division 3/Seed 4 4th (FT 21.11)
Crossbows: 20.01 Division 4/Seed 3 4th (FT 21.34)

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our winter racing at Maidstone and we look forward to returning next year.  Thanks to Lightning Strikes!


Lights Failure
What we get up to when the lights crash!